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Rapid Growth of BrainMaps English language learning centers in China showcase the effectiveness of Fast ForWord program in achieving English proficiency

BrainMaps, China

OAKLAND, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–By basing its approach on the Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant programs from Scientific Learning Corp. (OTC PINK:SCIL), a Shanghai-based company has found the key to meeting China’s insatiable demand for English language learning programs. Just last year BrainMaps, named a 2016 top 10 franchise in China by Entrepreneur magazine, doubled the number of its learning centers from 25 to 50 and is moving forward with plans to open 50 additional centers in China within 12 months.

Rapid growth of English language learning centers in China fueled by #neuroscience based @FastForWord With centers in 13 cities including Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai, BrainMaps uses the Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant programs at the core of its learning center model, which helps children ages 5- 16 achieve English proficiency quickly . Unlike traditional English language learning programs, Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant address three critical steps for English language proficiency: preparing the brain to “hear” the sounds of English; providing intensive practice in English vocabulary, grammar and reading skills; and giving students the opportunity to practice speaking and reading English aloud with real-time corrective feedback.

“Thanks to the effectiveness and the efficiency of the online programs from Scientific Learning, we can serve more students and build their English language proficiency more quickly than if we were to rely on direct instruction from native English-speaking teachers,” said Rick Lee, CEO of BrainMaps.

“BrainMaps’ innovative application of our neuroscience-based programs can have profound implications on language learning the world over,” said Robert C. Bowen, CEO of Scientific Learning. “We look forward to seeing Brain Maps’ continued expansion and its impact on children across China.”

“We have been partners with Scientific Learning for more than 12 years, and this definitive agreement between our companies is the next step on our journey to help change the way Chinese students learn English,” said BrainMaps founder and CEO Rick Lee. “Millions of Chinese youngsters can benefit from the unique combination of neuroscience-based online solutions from Scientific Learning, and BrainMaps’ effective O2O instructional model.

BrainMaps offers a unique and extremely effective method of helping children rapidly acquire English reading and oral fluency skills. The owners of BrainMaps, Rick Lee and Tiffany Koo, bring years of experience to the practice of English learning, having been heavily involved in the Wall Street Institute (a global network of English learning centers) prior to their association with Scientific Learning. What drew them to the SLC programs (Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant) was the strong research base, the proven results, and the sharp contrast between the SLC methodology versus the typical “content” approach of the competition. Amongst a large collection of international, regional and local competitors in the after-school ESL market in China, BrainMaps is unique in providing a brain-fitness / cognitive skills approach to English learning

About Scientific Learning Corp.

Based in Oakland, Calif., Scientific Learning is a leading SaaS provider that delivers neuroscience-based educational technologies. Scientific Learning’s programs, Fast ForWord® and Reading Assistant™, have been used by more than 2.8 million learners in more than 2,600 K-12 schools in the United States, by over 500 private practice clinicians, by thousands of students via a direct-to-consumer channel, and in over 55 countries via Value Added Resellers (VAR). The Fast ForWord programs cross-train foundational language and cognitive skills necessary for rapid English language development, while Reading Assistant uses speech verification technology to provide real-time corrective feedback to students as they read and speak, in a manner similar to that of an individualized language and reading coach.

Ekamai International School, Bangkok: Building English Language Brains Fast

This Bangkok International School has over 1,300 K-12 students who come from 33 different countries and English is typically not their native language.

Ekamai has become a leading innovator in how it develops English language skills.

Thailand education consultant Naresh Indewhat of Advance Ed introduced a neuroscience-based technology to the school over 10 years ago to help build English language skills fast and simultaneously improve academic performance. At that time Naresh arranged for Dr Steve Miller, one of the four neuroscientists who created the Fast ForWord123 (FFW123) program back in the mid 1990’s, to explain to the school leaders and staff how the cognitive exercises literally build the neuro-biological connections – “wire the brain” – for learning in the English language.

The 76 students who participated in 2007 showed statistically significant improvement in their reading skills and academic achievement with improvements of 5 months to 1 year in Reading, Language, Math, Social Studies and Science, during the 4 months between assessments.

Following these accelerated learning results, the school has used this educational neuroscience technology every year of the last decade and has seen first hand how it builds the English language brains of its students, creating a strong, enduring foundation for all the instruction in English.

Students now make use of the FFW123 technology in one of three dedicated 50-seat “ Fast ForWord Labs”.

Ekamai school has shown that by investing in technology one teacher can deliver individualised learning to 50 students at once. Within the first few clicks of the student engaging with FFW123, each student is delivered the optimal level of challenge that the research has validated will build the brain’s wiring to improve their capacity to learn and accelerate English language development.

An initiative of the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences (IES)

Fast ForWord® Tops List of Nine Interventions for Improved English Language Development training.

The What Works Clearinghouse, an initiative of the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences (IES), was created in 2002 to be a central and trusted source of scientific evidence for what works in education. The What Works Clearinghouse does not endorse specific educational programs, products, practices, or policies; rather, they review the research literature on these approaches, looking for evidence of effectiveness.

Ranked the top English language development program on What Works Clearinghouse™, Fast ForWord is uniquely designed to build the listening, speaking and reading skills for beginning to advanced language learners. The program provides the English phonics training, intensive grammar and vocabulary practice, and oral speaking and reading reinforcement necessary to build both basic and academic English proficiency.

Research Brief: Fast ForWord® Tops List of Nine Interventions for Improved English Language Development by What Works Clearinghouse

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