Frequently Asked Questions

What age range is the Build English Fast program good for?

Age 7 to adult, at all English levels.

Where can I do the Build English Fast Program ?

You can do the program anywhere , anytime provided you have internet access.

How often do I use the Build English Fast program?

It is recommended that students use the program a minimum of 30 minutes/day, 5 days a week.

However, you may complete as many 30 minute sessions a week as you please to get the best value for your money.

What support will I receive ?

Master Readers will provide :

weekly emailed progress reports
unlimited email
24/7 access to a “Help Centre” offering program hints and tips

What is the purchase price of the Build English Fast program ?

A 3 month subscription is $797 . During this period, most university students will complete Step 1 of the Build English Fast program.

Step 2 ( Reading Development Series ) and Step 3 ( Reading Assistant Plus ) are completed at the same time and are at a discounted rate of $200 per month . You decide how long you would like to continue your monthly subscription based on your desired level of English proficiency.

But we do recommend at least 6 months of Step 2 and Step 3 . After step 1 , you renew your subscription on a month by month basis for as long as you choose.

Master Readers is committed to being the most affordable providers of the Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant programs in Australia.

So much so, that if you find a cheaper 3 month subscription , we will beat it by 10%.

When can I start ?

Usually within 2 to 3 days you will receive a “Getting Started” email containing a link to your online Build English Fast program.

It will also include your program username and password to login, a link to your 24/7 Help Centre, and a contact email address and phone number should you require any help, among other things.

It is our experience that high school and university students complete the program with little assistance needed. This is due to the fact that the program continually adapts with each click of the mouse ,therefore accommodating to each student’s learning needs.

Do ELLs need to be able to read to use this program?

No. Students do no need to read yet in either their native or second language. There are exercises that have no written letters, making it appropriate for pre-readers and readers alike.

Can this help with native language delays?

Yes, the Build English Fast program helps build the entire language network in the brain so it helps both native and second (English) language development. It improves the brain’s ability to process language overall.

Does it work on all modalities – reading, writing, listening and speaking?

The Fast ForWord program and Reading Assistant Plus software work directly on reading, speaking and listening. Although there are no actual writing exercises that use pen and paper, research has shown improvement in writing. For information on this specific research, please see the blog post on our website “Building Better Writers (Without Picking Up a Pen)” by Dr. Beth Rogowsky.

Can this program be compared to other ELL programs?

Many other programs teach language through sentence structure. A student sees a picture and hears a word or sentence that goes with the pictures. They do not have specific training in speech sound discrimination by itself. The Fast ForWord program complements these other programs by developing some of the necessary foundational skills, including the ability to discriminate between sounds and the ability to identify specific phonemes.

What about special needs students who are second language learners?

The Build English Fast technology has been studied extensively with students with special needs and now has been found to extraordinarily effective with ELL students. For a child to be appropriate, he/she simply needs to have at least the language skills of a three-year-old in the native language and be able to use a computer or iPad with headphones.