The “Build English Fast” program is not recommended to replace the excellent English acquisition instruction provided by your university course , but rather to complement and accelerate the consolidation of this instruction, enabling you to reach English proficiency more quickly and easily.

Ranked the top English language development program on What Works Clearinghouse, Build English Fast is uniquely designed to build the listening, speaking and reading skills for beginning to advanced language learners. The program provides the English phonics training, intensive grammar and vocabulary practice, and oral speaking and reading reinforcement necessary to build both basic and academic English proficiency.

Students with a more developed “English brain” absorb English instruction more effectively.

With brains that are “wired” to the sounds of English, listening, speaking, reading and writing happen faster and easier.




As you know, after your instruction, proficiency builds when students practice the “right” way often.

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How do you give every student intensive practice with timely feedback? Easy !

In The News:

Used in over 50 countries and is the technology behind the fastest growing English language franchise in China.

Rapid Growth of BrainMaps English language learning centers in China showcase the effectiveness of Fast ForWord program in achieving English proficiency

Parent Satisfaction Fuels Growth of BrainMaps English Language Learning Centers across China

Buoyed by the success of their children, parents of students at Brain Maps #ELL centers in China are opening franchises across the country. Brain Maps uses the #FastForWord program from @SciLearn to build English language proficiency

Yika Li’s daughter, Macy, 11, has been a student at a BrainMaps center in Shenzhen since 2014.“Within six months, my child was able to read aloud fluently in English,” said Li, who now oversees four BrainMaps franchises in Shenzhen. “After seeing such dramatic changes in my child, there was no reason for me not to believe in the power of BrainMaps.”


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