Quick & Lasting Results

Fast ForWord was developed by world-renowned neuroscientists, and has been proven effective in over 250+ studies by respected institutions in the US and other countries.

The fastest way to improve reading and learning is to treat the underlying issue, once and for all. This is what Fast ForWord does.

Brain plasticity — is the ability of the brain to change when stimulated — means that learning can be rewired, at any stage. Fast ForWord uses this principle to target the causes of difficulty in reading and learning quickly. Once the brain is strengthened, these new skills are part of your child, and so they endure.

Recent advances in neuroscience and computer technology now make it possible to exercise the processing and related delays that cause most reading or learning difficulties, all from the convenience of home.

The first phase of the program rewires the skills required for reading, using adaptive algorithms to zero in on your child’s specific skill gaps. Then, our programs train decoding and reading comprehension skills using the same iteractive approach to build reading skills in tiny, incremental steps. This two-step process can produce amazing & lasting results in just a few months.

Better and cheaper than Traditional Tuition

It is almost always quicker, more effective and in the end, cheaper to treat a problem, rather than deal with the symptoms. A leaking tire requires a patch, not more air every day. The same applies in learning — tutoring is liking pumping air each day. Master Readers gets to the underlying issues, a one-time investment that could save thousands of dollars in future tutoring costs.

Brain plasticity can change your child’s future

Brain plasticity has been called the most important scientific discovery of the last 50 years. It provides a new window to change the way a child learns at any age, using targeted exercises that build new skills in tiny increments. Most children spend 4-6 months on our program, and start seeing gains well before finishing.

Improved Processing Speed

Language processing defines how well we learn the language, follow directions, pick out sounds inside words for reading, and think. And yet, natural language is lightning fast and not easily mastered — it requires processing at 25 sounds a second. Not surprisingly, processing delays cause the vast majority of reading and learning problems, including attention issues. Fast ForWord was designed to exercise all aspects of processing — speed, accuracy and efficiency — and related memory and attention skills, to improve reading and learning for life.