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ADHD vs. APD – Understanding & Managing Your Child’s Condition

ADHD and Auditory Processing Disorder can look similar, but it’s important to understand if your child is dealing with attention or auditory processing issues. Learn…

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What is Attention Deficit Disorder?

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is characterised by poor attention and distractibility, and for some sufferers, hyperactivity and impulsivity. This condition is thought to be caused by inadequate levels of two chemicals or neurotransmitters in the brain, norepinephrine and dopamine.

Low levels of norepinephrine make it difficult for individuals with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) to sustain focus on a task, plan ahead, and understand the concepts of time and sequence. Low levels of dopamine make it very difficult for ADHD sufferers to control impulsive and problem behaviours such as acting on the urge to do or say something in public, blurting out an opinion, grabbing something of interest on a desk, or touching someone nearby.

Paying attention is just like reading or any other learning skill – some people learn to pay attention easily while others have to work at it. Yet while we would not reprimand a child for struggling to read, we aren’t as understanding of those who have trouble staying focused.

Medications are typically prescribed to improve attention and change a student’s brain chemistry, stimulating the production of chemicals for attention. The problem is that this does not encourage the brain to produce these chemicals on its own, causing the brain to become dependent on medications in order to be able to pay attention.

How Fast ForWord® helps

Using modern neuroscience, we can now train the brain to produce these chemicals on its own by making the brain good at paying attention. While Fast ForWord is not a specific treatment for ADHD, it does work to increase auditory attention span and develops sustained auditory and visual attention, which are important for all learning tasks.

Fast ForWord does this by actually training the brain to naturally produce the three chemicals required to treat these conditions – the neurotransmitters necessary for paying attention called dopamine, norepinephrine and acetylcholine.