Fast ForWord Unlocks Language and Reading Skills for Learners

You Can Improve Your Child’s Attention, Memory and Language Processing

The latest evidence shows that learners with autism have hyper-connected brains: imagine millions of surface streets that are hyperactive, and consequently, incredibly inefficient when it comes to paying attention, learning to read, and more. We now know that an overactive brain is partially at fault for the learning challenges faced by learners on the autism spectrum. Fast ForWord provides intensive training to create “super-highways” in the brain for language and reading, while also addressing processing rate and attention. As a result, learners with autism often improve social, language and academic skills simultaneously.

The Science Behind Fast ForWord

Dr. Michael Merzenich, a co-founder of Fast ForWord, made this ground-breaking discovery:

Children on the autism spectrum make the same errors in language and reading as higher functioning children. They are just making more of them.

This is a watershed event for families with autistic children. Since Fast ForWord is able to rewire the cognitive skills of higher functioning children, as shown on functional MRI’s, then why can’t its programs help autistic children?

Dr Merzenich, co-founder, discusses the impact of Fast ForWord for children with Autism.

Fast ForWord software is a popular autism program because it targets the language and processing delays at the heart of the autism diagnosis.

Fast ForWord helps many children on the autistic spectrum. It improves their language skills and attention. Parents and carers often report recognisable gains in language function. Autistic children find the Fast ForWord programs very engaging because of the visual appeal of the exercises and frequently repeated tasks. Children diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD) can also make significant gains in their oral language skills after doing Fast ForWord programs.

While outcomes do vary for autistic children, our programs almost always make a difference, sometimes profound, because the brain will always respond to our exercise stimulus. Our goals are:

Watch as Cory and Liza share the impact of Fast ForWord!

Liza is a SLPA and part owner of Wings Speech Language Center, where 350 children with autism receive personalized services for a wide range of skills. Why does Liza support Fast ForWord? Find out here:

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One, a language study, showed that Fast ForWord quickly moved autistic children from severe language impairment to the normal range. But another pilot study of one hundred autistic children showed that Fast ForWord had a significant impact on their autistic symptoms as well. Their attention spans improved. Their sense of humour improved. They became more connected to people. They developed better eye contact, began greeting people and addressing them by name, spoke with them, and said good-bye at the end of their encounters. It seemed the children were beginning to experience the world as filled with other human minds.

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