Everyone benefits from accelerated learning

Fast ForWord is an ideal learning enrichment program for those students who are performing at or above their year level. Even average to advanced learners can benefit from a better memory, attention and increased processing speed. Fast ForWord adapts to the individual learning needs of the program user meaning that it can provide challenge and enhancement to students of all levels of ability.

In some countries Fast ForWord is used by university level students entering into medical studies, to improve the brain’s learning capacity before undertaking the grueling studies.

Fast ForWord accelerates learning by:

  • Speeding up auditory processing
  • Strengthening working memory
  • Improving focus and attention
  • Enhancing reading and listening comprehension.

Small changes now yield bigger improvements in the long run

Even small changes now will compound into much more profound gains in years to come, putting your child on a faster track to academic success. These gains could open up even further learning potential, providing your child with greater choices of universities and careers.

It’s engaging and enjoyable

Participants typically thoroughly enjoy this very different approach to learning.

The Fast ForWord program is designed to constantly assess and adapt to the participant’s level of ability meaning that students are provided with an individually tailored program that is always delivered at a just right level of challenge.

After each training session, the participant’s results are uploaded via the internet to Master Readers team of education professionals for monitoring, and participants receive weekly progress reports. Knowing that the results are monitored gives participants a sense of novelty and accountability, helping to maintain motivation levels.