What is Fast ForWord®

Fast ForWord is a scientifically developed brain training program that is designed to build the skills that we need for learning. The program is presented in the form of fun and interactive computer exercises, with remote professional oversight by our team of education professionals.

How does Master Readers Fast ForWord® service work?


  • Before your child begins their Fast ForWord journey you will receive a “Getting Started” email and you will be called by your ” Support Specialist” who will help you for the duration of the program

The Fast ForWord ” cognitive brain training ” program is usually completed in 3 to 6 months, in the comfort of your own home. Generally, the older the child the less time it takes to complete .Training is usually undertaken 30 minutes per day, but may be less for young children or those with special needs. You are free to choose the days and times that suit you best and can split up sessions (e.g. doing some exercises before school and the rest after school). Our team believes that every schedule has 30-50 minutes to spare for a learning program like this that can be life changing…and the time investment pays dividends.

Support and monitoring
Following each training session, individual results are automatically uploaded via the internet to the “Progress Tracker” system. This enables Master Readers to monitor the many components of Fast ForWord participation and usage.

The initial program requires participants to commit to a minimum of 12 consecutive weeks of training. Early primary aged students and those with diagnosed or undiagnosed learning disabilities typically require longer. Three months is usually sufficient for older school-aged students, adults and those just needing a bit of a learning boost.

What sort of results are expected?

The Master Readers team witnesses the life-changing results every day but we understand that new clients need to rely on case studies and research to gain an appreciation of the results that can be achieved.

Proven results
Fast ForWord is based on proven neuroscience research and is continuously validated by on-going research. It is the most highly researched learning intervention of its type in existence. Prestigious educational institutions including Stanford University, Cornell University, UCSF Medical Centre and Rutgers University have studied the Fast ForWord program and found it to be an effective, scientifically based learning program.

How much gain to expect
While participants typically make 1.5 to 2 year learning gains following only 12 weeks of participation in Fast ForWord, there are a number of factors that influence just how much an individual will benefit from the program. The participant’s cognitive starting point, their areas of specific learning difficulty, and their use of the program all affect the results achieved.

Those participants who train to their optimal ability according to the recommended protocol will achieve most benefit from Fast ForWord. Individuals who experience an intellectual delay or severe attention deficits may take longer to complete the program and might not achieve the same level of learning gain.

Subjective results
Signs of improvement usually become noticeable after only 4-6 weeks of training. In the beginning, school aged students typically display improvements in following instructions, paying attention and increased confidence. However, all learners are different and for some the gains come more slowly.

While most children experience significant learning improvements while participating in the program, the majority of gains occur in the year or two following the program as the improved cognitive ability translates into academic achievement.

Which program will the participant start with?

The starting program will depend on the participant’s age, and sometimes their diagnosis and abilities. Generally, all participants will begin on either Language Basics, Language or Literacy. Where possible, the Master Readers team will assess your child and assign the products for you. In some cases we will travel to your home to give your child the best start. If we require more information about you or your child to make this decision, we will contact you to discuss your needs in greater depth.

How do I enrol more than one participant?

Each Fast ForWord participant requires their own enrolment and package. After contacting the Master Readers Team you will visited or be sent the information needed to log on to the internet and get started.

Is an assessment required before commencing?

No, expensive and lengthy assessments are not necessary. Fast ForWord targets many areas of cognitive, language and literacy function such that a comprehensive assessment of all skills trained would not only take days but would also cost an arm and a leg!

How ever if you would like to see results of you child both before and after there is an assessment that can be administered at the begining and end of the program.

In addition, Fast ForWord is a highly intelligent program that automatically adapts to the individual participant’s needs with every click of the mouse. The program constantly assesses the participant’s ability to ensure that they are provided with a just right level of challenge.

When will the license start?

The license starts on the first day of training (the first time that you click on “Start” and begin training on the exercises).

How much supervision will my child need at home?

As each child is different, you will be able to gauge this as you go. At the beginning of the training period it’s a good idea to sit with your child at all times. You won’t need to choose levels or time exercises as the program will do this for you. Your role as a parent is to do what you do best by encouraging your child and ensuring that they feel confident and secure.