The Fast ForWord language & cognitive enhancement programs accelerate learning and reading and are based on over 30 years of neuroscience research.

Fast ForWord is an effective tool for students struggling with learning difficulties to mid level and gifted students who want better learning outcomes.

Fast ForWord helps:

  • Auditory processing and language processing disorders
  • Dyslexia
  • Working memory weakness
  • English Language Learners
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Struggling readers
  • Lower school performance than their potential

Just as a body runs better and quicker when fit, brains learn better after consistent development with the Fast ForWord brain learning exercises. The key is processing efficiency, and students around the globe are using the Fast ForWord educational software programs to develop the cognitive skills that enhance learning, leading to greater academic success.

Fast ForWord Neuroscience Programs a Success at Covenant College

“I’ve too many good results here with a range of children to not give all the kids an opportunity to do it”.

“I’ve seen that bright kids also benefit from Fast ForWord. It’s not just for those kids who are really struggling”.

Bruce Horman, Head of Junior School at Covenant College (Geelong, Victoria) explaining why he decided to have all children in Grade 3 participate in the neuroscience-based Fast ForWord program

Urana Public School: 5 Years of Success of Fast ForWord Brain Training

Dorothy Dore, principal of Urana Public School spoke with The Learning Capacity Podcast about how the school is building student learning capacity with the Fast ForWord neuroscience program.

A “no-brainer” – works for all kids.

Dorothy , was asked what she would say to other schools now she has seen Fast ForWord used for five years.
She said, “I think it’s a no-brainer, for lack of a better word. I’ve seen enough for five years to tell me that it works and it will work particularly those kids who have learning difficulties, but it’s going to work for all your kids”

It Starts With The Brain. That’s Why It Works

There are four cognitive skills (see below) that, when developed together, can dramatically accelerate learning,

The Fast ForWord program is the only program that simultaneously develops reading and language skills along with these cognitive skills needed for success in school and in life.

Cognitive Skills

Reading Skills

  • Phonemic (sound) awareness
  • Decoding (sounding out unfamiliar words)
  • Syntax (sentence structure)
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Reading fluency
  • Comprehension

Fast ForWord in Australian and New Zealand Schools

Fast ForWord Neuroscience Programs a Success at Covenant College

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Urana Public School: 5 Years of Success – Fast ForWord Language & Cognitive Enhancement

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