Kenny Hilliard From 2nd Grade Reading Level to LSU Scholarship
At risk of dropping out of high school, Kenny Hilliard started using the Fast ForWord program with the hope of earning a traditional high school diploma. After the program, Kenny had improved reading comprehension, grades, and ACT scores and is now headed for Louisiana State University on a football scholarship.

The Reading Brain and the Fast ForWord Program
The reading-ready brain coordinates sounds to language, language to reading, and reading to comprehension. This video provides an overview of how the reading brain works.

My Son Announced He Was Dropping Out of High School: Mary’s Story

Fast ForWord being rolled out in Ireland’s Schools

South African Fast ForWord provider – Indigo Learning

Comet Bay Secondary School – Western Australia

 Bartlett High School – Anchorage , Alaska

Arahoe School – New Zealand

Quinns Rock Primary School – Western Australia