How Fast ForWord Is Different From Tutoring

There are two ways to teach a child with a broken wrist how to hit a baseball:

  • Instruction — stand back in your stance, step into the swing, watch the ball, etc…
  • or
  • Fix the broken wrist!
  • Millions of struggling readers with “”broken wrists are being taught how to read using only the former strategy, i.e., added instruction. Cognitive skills that make reading hard can in most cases be mended, just like a broken wrist. This is how Fast ForWord is different — we do both. We mend broken cognitive skills, and then we teach reading fluency and comprehension.

Treating Underlying Issues Versus More Instruction

Tutors basically re-teach the content that was not absorbed at school. They deliver this same instruction in similar or new formats and/or in one to one or smaller groups than in school — most of the time tutoring results in modest progress. However there is no research that shows any long term, enduring gains from tutoring.

Why Not Target The Cause Of Your Child’s Frustrations?
Fast ForWord takes a very different approach.Master Readers, providers of the Fast ForWord program, are part of a new wave in learning that targets the root causes of learning problems, aiming to resolve them once and for all. Made possible by advances in brain science, this approach is now well established and is being used by thousands of schools and clinicians worldwide.

An Investment, Not An Ongoing Band Aid Expense
Our programs are a one-time investment, seeking to make changes that will last a lifetime. This makes them extremely cost effective compared to regular tutoring year after year, which soon adds up, or the huge expense of a 200 hour plus tutoring course, as recommended by most tutoring centers, with no guarantees that a year or two later more tutoring won’t be needed. Our programs have the potential to save thousands of dollars in future tutoring costs.

Faster and More Effective, Because They Treat Causes
In most aspects of life, the quickest way to solve a problem is to find the cause of the problem and resolve it. A leaking tire requires a patch, not more air every day! The same applies in learning. Our programs seek to resolve the underlying issues, while tutoring amounts to extra practice with the underlying issue left untreated. This amounts to pumping air into a leaking tire — it’s a treadmill without end.

Very Different To What Is Being Tried At School
By choosing a tutor, you are opting for more of the same. To leave no stone unturned requires new approaches, tackling a reading or learning issue from new angles. This is what our unique, brain fitness training approach represents. While you may feel that you need to keep a tutor also, why wouldn’t you try an approach not being tried at school?

Often Life Changing
The potential rewards from our programs are dramatic. Imagine your child without that underlying processing or memory glitch. While tutoring is incremental — after all, it is simply extra practice or repeated instruction — our goal is profound change that can help make homework easier, school more fun, and reading for pleasure a realistic goal.

Convenient And Engaging Service
Our service is home based — there is no need to keep to the schedule of a tutor, or to travel back and forth to a center every day. You can do the program at a time that suits you — sometimes right after school, sometimes later, sometimes at the weekend. You can even break it into two sessions if you like. Plus the software has a video game feel to it, and it is adaptive, meaning students find it engaging, all the while supported by remote teachers and web based resources that replicate a learning center environment.