About Master Readers

The Master Readers team are passionate about equipping children and adults with the necessary cognitive and language skills needed to learn and read more effectively , therefore allowing them to achieve whatever it is they want to in life.

It is our mission to:

  • make people aware that with breakthroughs in brain science , and with the advent of FMRI scans , we now know the parts of the brain that are critical for reading and learning. From this understanding, the Fast ForWord  program was developed, which uses these neuroplasticity principles to increase the learning capacity of all users regardless of whether they have learning difficulties or are high achievers .
  • help English Language Learners develop fast acquisition of the reading , language , and cognitive skills essential to move students and adults to full English proficiency

Our Fast ForWord® course offers a number of additional benefits:

An affordable and convenient learning program

Fast ForWord is not an off-the-shelf program but rather a cost effective investment in an individualised, adaptive, monitored and scientifically researched brain training course that dramatically improves learning.

The fees are extremely cost effective, particularly given that Fast ForWord is a one-time investment. Once the learning skills are developed, they are used and exercised every day and endure through life, saving you thousands of dollars in future interventions.

The learning program is also convenient as it is delivered in the comfort of your home meaning you can use the program at a time that best suits your family’s schedule.

Fast and effective

Used regularly for as little as 16 weeks, Fast ForWord® delivers significant and lasting results. The learning program works like a personal trainer for the brain, building cognitive capacity and strengthening neural networks so that the entire learning system of the brain performs at a higher level. Improvements are usually noticeable in the first 4 to 6 weeks.

Adaptive and individual

Unlike out-of-the-box educational programs, Fast ForWord software constantly adjusts to allow the individual user to work at their own pace. This maintains motivation and confidence levels and ensures the most efficient use of learning time by focusing on individual difficulties. In addition, Fast ForWord has an engaging, computer game feel that is enjoyed by people of all ages.

Easily accessible

No matter where you live, all that you require is a computer that meets some basic technical requirements as well as an internet connection.
Our package includes licenses for 12 consecutive weeks of training, continuous support and monitoring from our team of education professionals, weekly progress summaries, and any additional reports you desire.

More than just tutoring

Unlike traditional learning programs, Fast ForWord is not designed to re-teach the curriculum, which effectively just gives the brain more of the same. When students have an underlying learning difficulty, tutoring can act as a band-aid as it attempts to work around the issue rather than on resolving it. Instead, through systematic, intensive and adaptive mental exercises, Fast ForWord challenges and builds the brain’s capacity to make all learning easier and faster.