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EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT!!! I cannot speak highly enough about this program. My very reluctant 7th grade reader made a deal with me to start on the 1st grade level and work forward. He was reading at a 3rd grade level and had 0 fluency or comprehension. After just 3 months he is reading at 99words/min and has about 80% comprehension. He is now reading at about a 4-5th grade level and we are moving along. He is still struggling with vocabulary but we are working on that as well. This program is great and he can work independently. Thanks HSBC for finding programs that really work!
Laurie Halvorson, Co-op Member

I have been utilizing Reading Assistant for the past 6 weeks with my 5th grade son who is dyslexic. He LOVES this program! I am very happy and so is he. The sound quality is fabulous. The reading selections could not be more appropriate. And I believe that the program is designed in a brilliant way that is encouraging rather than frustrating. This program has been a breath of fresh air for us and I recommend it without hesitation. Bravo Homeschool Buyers Co-op. You’ve introduced me to another amazing product that I would not have had the opportunity to afford without my membership with your organization! Thank you so much!!!!
Shari S., Co-op Member

We purchased the program for one of our children that was struggling reading at grade level, in the first week we saw such an improvement that we added a second account for a child that was reading fine at grade level. This program has ramped up our children’s reading capabilities faster than any other method we have tried. Also, we really like the book selection, it is better than other programs we have tried (more educationally oriented). One outcome that is awesome is that the program gets the children reading out loud, working on pronunciation and verbal flow. The program has probably been our most effective use of our homeschooling dollars.
Jim, Co-op Member

We used Reading Assistant in conjunction with Barton Reading and Spelling. My daughter’s fluency drastically improved with Reading Assistant. It can be time consuming working with a child with learning disabilities that is nice to have a program that requires very little parent involvement.
Rebecca L., Co-op Member

I recently purchased Reading Assistant for my son and he is LOVING it! I never have to ask him to read each day anymore. He actually begs to read, which is such a refreshing change. My daughter is drawn to the computer whenever he is doing Reading Assistant. She finally asked me if she could please do it too. They are both struggling readers with the gift of Dyslexia and it is so refreshing to see them motivated to read. I just purchased a license for her as well. The improvement I have seen in my son in such a very short time is so encouraging! I have told all my friends, who also have gifted, struggling readers, all about it!
Tracey W., Co-op Member

Sara was behind on reading. I can not tell you the amazing difference Reading Assistant has had on her! She went from not wanting to read her small “Sam sat on the mat” books to chapter books!! She LOVES the fact she can go back and listen to herself read!! I love the fact that they keep the scores of her reading comprehension and words per min. She can see the numbers and goals which helps her motivation!! This is the best homeschool product I have EVER bought!! Now my oldest child who doesn’t have a reading issue wants an account so she isn’t left behind!! Its amazing that she can even tell her sister has made leaps and bounds progress!! Thank you Reading Assistant and Homeschool Buyers Coop! I cry with happiness when I hear Sara read to me!! I owe it all to ya’ll! I have to say one more thing!! Rachel says “Hurry up and make my account!!” After we paid I told her it takes a couple of days but she wants the product that bad!! Again, AMAZING!!!
Melodie G., Co-op Member

As a homeschooling mother with a dyslexic daughter, I have tried everything I can get my hands on to help my daughter enjoy reading. She would get frustrated with my attempts to help her sound out words and I needed something different. Through Homeschool Buyers Co-op, I discovered Reading-Assistant! This approach to reading is a God send for dyslexic kids! They thrive on being in control, and RA gives them that and so much more. The reading prompts keep the child on track, so my daughter has never zoned out or daydreamed during a reading session. The current sentence being read is in bold while the rest of the text is very faded, so my daughter doesn’t get overwhelmed with a full page of words ahead of her. The yellow-highlighted problem words let her know to repeat the word until it is correct, which means I don’t have to intervene in any aspect of the reading assignment! The program speaks any word that is struggled over so my daughter is forced to try to sound it out, but doesn’t get frustrated. That is SO hard to accomplish, and Reading-Assistant has done it! The headset makes my daughter feel very sophisticated and important which adds to the motivation to get the assignment done. I am so thankful for this program as it has made a huge difference in our daily effort to make reading more enjoyable for my daughter!
Andrea M, Co-op Member

We love it. My daughter has a language processing disorder who hated reading and would often be in tears during lessons. After two months with RA she is reading books to us and the dog. She daily proclaims, “I love to read.” My daughter is a slow reader, speaker, and writer/typist. I appreciate that this program advances her to more difficult reading selections even if her fluency (words per minute) is below target rather than making her repeat the same thing over and over like other programs we have tried. Most of the time she gets perfect comprehension scores so I know that she is understanding what she is reading even if it is at a slower pace. I expect to use this program for a long time.
Allison H,, Co-op Member

My 13 year old son loves RA. He is an English Language Learner, and also is dyslexic, so he struggles a lot. I have noticed that the RA lets him get away with more mistakes than I do, which is disappointing. I like that it lets him do some independent work, though. Also, he very much enjoys the stories he’s reading. He’s enjoying learning the information that they teach.
Stephanie B., Co-op Member

My kids absolutely love this amazing program! It has saved me as a homeschooling mum a lot of reading exercise stress! I just set it up for the kids and i have time to do other non school things. A treasure to have!
Mrs G, Co-op Member

No more fighting to read. My son likes trying to get a higher score, every time he reads. He likes reading by himself, using the computer. He is reading a lot better, than I thought. Yes, we will keep using it. It is a great program with no stress. Yes, I have told other moms. We have tried Hooked on Phonics.
Kathryn C., Co-op Member

The Reading Assistant program provides a great way of measuring your child’s reading ability and giving them ongoing practice. It is a very well designed program — color codes the words based on how quickly/well you said them, variety of stories, child can listen to their own reading of a story and the progress charts are easy enough for my daughter to understand and use. My daughter’s reading specialist highly recommends this program and was amazed I was able to get it for such a low price. I definitely recommend this product for kids learning to read or for kids working through learning difficulties with reading.
Erika, Co-op Member

The program has been great for my 6th grader once I fine tuned the voice recognition. It has improved his fluency and helped a struggling reader feel successful.

I also purchased this for my first grader who is an average first grade reader. The beginning of the program is harder then I expected and did not work for her. I would say it is better for second grade and up.
Vikki, Co-op Member

This is a great program, and it is really helping with her reading and phonetic pronunciation of sounds. My daughter loves using it.
Shaune S., Co-op Member

I was happy to purchase this at the discounted price. I’d read about it in “Overcoming Dyslexia” but the price was out of my reach.
I’m delighted that my 13 year old dyslexic daughter is so willingly using it. Because Language Arts are difficult for her, it’s hard to get her to comply with the very programs that will help her advance. One of her difficulties is poor enunciation. This program, by making her read into the microphone, and correcting her when she misspeaks, or is unclear is exactly what she needs! And the stories truly are holding her interest, very important to gain the cooperation of my reluctant reader.
Teresa P., Co-op Member

Reading Assistant Software is amazing. My 8 y.o. daughter LOVES the book selections! She is excited about her progress, too. I appreciate the opportunity for her to self-correct her reading with the assistance of the software “teacher”; it eliminates the need for me to give negative feedback. She just likes Mom and Dad (and Oma, and friends) to see her success whenever she achieves proficiency with a selection!
MHC, Co-op Member

My son has always struggled with reading and requires a great deal of one-on-one time from me in our homeschool. Reading Assistant has been an answer to prayer! He is able to do this program on his own, freeing me up to teach our other children. His fluency is greatly improving, which helps him in ALL of his subjects. So far, this program has been of great benefit to our family. I am considering subscribing for my younger children, (who do not have learning difficulties) as well, just for the fluency practice. Well worth the money spent!!
Rebeca J., Co-op Member

I love this program my son is dyslexic and we used Orton Gillingham as part of his curriculum but having this program allows him to work independent of me, which is very important…a big boost for his self esteem. I have looked into other programs that claimed the students could work independently on improving their reading skills but this is the first out of many programs that that didn’t frustrate him. I plan to use this program throughtout his homeschooling days. I have suggest this program to many parents.
N. Thomas, Co-op Member

My 10 year old son ( adopted from Haiti at age 3) has been behind in reading since first grade. With reading assistant it is the first time where I can tell him to do his reading and do not have to watch every word he reads and correct it. He works with the computer program, enjoys it, and at the end I can check his score. I love it!!!!
Patty S., Co-op Member

We have been using this program for several months. I purchased it for one of my students who is dyslexic. This program is great to help her practice fluency.

I have another one of my students using it as a way of reading books and hearing information that otherwise would be too advanced for him to read on his own. The reading selections are very good. A lot of history and science can be covered by just letting students listen to the stories.

We will continue to use Reading Assistant! The product is very well done. I can’t say that my students clamor to the computer, asking to do Reading Assistant, but the program accomplishes what it was designed to do.

If you have a student who needs more reading practice, this is an excellent way for him or her to get the practice and perhaps learn some useful information in the process.
Wendy, Co-op Member

My 9 year old daughter is a struggling reader. We have used this product for almost a year now. She has gone from never wanting to read to now enjoying reading. She still has some struggles but not nearly as much. Her fluency has improved dramatically as well as her site word recognition. I would highly recommend this product for any age child who is a struggling reader.
Mrs. Kristie Richardson, Co-op Member

We used Reading Assistant last year for my son in 2nd grade. He needed to improve his fluency. He increased his fluency from 40 – 70 words per minute. He loved the program and would ask to read certain stories and poems over and over. This is a great value! We have used other reading programs which cost a lot more and did not show as much improvement.
Marie Kenney, Co-op Member

I absolutely love it! It helps with reading and greatly improves their vocabulary and comprehension skills.The option to hear some of the vocabulary words in spanish is a plus. Overall it’s really a wonderful program and worth the price to help a struggling reader or improve ones reading skills.
L. Chiosi, Co-op Member

We used Reading Assistant for 9 months with my son. It made a great difference in his reading ability. While I don’t think this was the only tool that allowed him to read more fluently, it was one of the key tools we used. Today he can read quite well and actually ENJOYS reading!
Marcie, Co-op Member

I love this program! I have been a tutor to struggling readers for many years. The Reading Assistant does for the children what I do sitting right next to them (and charge their parents by the hour). The added advantage is that they can hear themselves reading a passage. This is even great for a summer enrichment. I hope the Co-op keeps this for many years. I would like to use it with my beginning reader that is not even delayed.
Pam T., Co-op Member

It has really helped with my son’s fluency/his ability to read fast. The stories are interesting and appropriate for his grade level. He doesn’t hate the stories like his textbook. Sometimes the voice recognition doesn’t work as well as we’d like, so it is helpful to have an adult sit with him. He likes the reward points at the end too. We’ll continue until he has worked his way through all of the stories. It’s better than hooked on phonics master reader.
LJE, Co-op Member

We have had a great experience with Reading Assistant so far! My 11 year-old daughter had a severe speech delay when she was younger and had issues with receptive and expressive language. This affected not only her speech, but also her reading and comprehension. She is doing so well now, through years of speech therapy and extra help in reading. However, I was looking for a product that would reinforce correct language and speech patterns for my daughter, and give her guided practice in fluency. Reading Assistant has been a great resource for us, and my daughter enjoys the time she spends using it. I look forward to the next few months, as I am sure we will see improvement in her ability and confidence in reading aloud.
Marci L., Co-op Member

We tried Reading Assistance for the 1st time this year. My 8 yr. old son has always loved math & science, but has struggled with reading fluency. We thought this program would be a way for him to practice without us sitting over his shoulder correcting him. IT has performed beautifully! He loves it, and will read over and over until he gets the GOLD STAR on top. Thank you for a wonderful program. When we say it is time to read, he doesn’t fight us anymore, and looks forwarded to achieving his stars. Thank you again for helping us break the reading barrier.
J. C., Co-op Member

Our daughter, 13, loves the program. It has increased her fluency, comprehension and speed. She looks forward to her 1/2 hour everyday. I couldn’t be easier for me to manage! Thank you for this opportunity.
Mary Burrill, Co-op Member

My 11 yo son has been using Reading Assistant for about a month now and seems to enjoy it. The stories keep his attention and the speech recognition components has the added benefit of helping him work on his speech issues. When he would read aloud to me, I tended to know what he was saying, but the program actually makes him speak clearly before he can go on. He’s not dropping the ending sounds as much and his reading speed is slowly but surely increasing. I’d highly recommend this product.
Lisa L., Co-op Member

I purchase a subscription to reading assistant for my 8th grade daughter who has just completed all levels Barton Reading and spelling. She was a struggling reader until this year and has achieved proficient level on state standards for reading. While her comprehension is good she is still struggling with fluency. She takes correction poorly from me so I thought this would help. She tends to use Reading Assistant for several hours at a time a couple days a week and seems to enjoy it. I’ve not had to prompt her into using it. She says she thinks it is helpful. Since we have only been using it a month the evidence for improvement in her fluency is subtle. I asked her if we should buy it for her little sister who is also a struggling reader (but well ahead of where she was in 4th grade and on Level 8 of Barton) and her response was then she will be reading better than me. In conclusion after a month of use my 13 year old daughter thinks it is going to make her a better reader. I have found for the most part the technology is impressive. It does correct for bad pronouncement and incorrect reading. It enforces accuracy in reading and speaking. I think it is a good complement to Barton, but it would not stand on its own as a complete reading intervention for Dyslexic students.
Linda H., Co-op Member

Thank you so much for having this product available. I know it’s work for you, but it is a great product and I’m excited to be able to have it for my son. If it wasn’t for Fast ForWord, my son probably would not be reading even close to his grade level at this time. Our next goal is to increase his fluency with Reading Assistant so reading will be enjoyable for him.
Cynthia G., Co-op Member

I used this program 9 years ago when I was the guardian of my niece, and it brought her reading level up to where she won the reading contest by reading the highest numbers of books at her school…and it cost me over $800. I am now the guardian of a 6 year old, and I want her to start reading at a higher level before I decide to place her in school. This is exactly the tool I want at a great price. Thank you for your continued support, persistence, research, and time that you invested to help Homeschool families.
Iris E., Co-op Member